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  • Lighten the load and reduce time spent on admin with NextMinute job management software that’s simple to use
  • Get your nights back and lose being bogged down by the books
  • Know what your team are scheduled to do every day


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Work in progress is sorted
Scheduling your team and their jobs by colour coding, filtering and display of your work timeline means you see what’s going on at a glance.  Drag and drop a job to an individual team member’s timeline and immediately they are booked and notified.  Assess availability easily so you can book more jobs.

Easy to use forms
Whether you have jobs or tasks to sort every day,  NextMinute gives you easy to use forms that capture the right information.  Every job or task profile is integrated with the client contact info and assigned team member, to give you total visibility of your work activity.  You can confidently lose the old paper-based system.
Invoicing on the go
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Invoice faster & get paid faster

Because your team are capturing time and materials as they go, you are empowered to get the invoices sent immediately.  No more chasing up dockets or job sheets, definitely no re-keying all the charges are available online in real-time.   Spend less time invoicing and more time on new business.
Add on Accounting
There’s no need to change your day-to-day workflow.  If you’re using Xero or MYOB it's no problem, we’ve now enabled you to get all the job admin sorted as you go, with one click you can sync your clients and invoices to your accounting system.  NextMinute works seamlessly with cloud accounting, improving how you quote & invoice.
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Quoting made simple
Delivering quotes in good time, keeping track of quotes and their statuses, and customer engagement is important for winning new business.  Make the quote process easy using NextMinute.  

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Give us 14 days and we'll have your team organised

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Arrive on time every time

Your team will know where they need to go, what they need to do and whom they need to see at a glance.  NextMinute puts the right job and customer information at your fingertips every time, so the team can get on with the job.


What’s going on?

Would you like to get total visibility of your team’s activity so you can make faster decisions to book new jobs, prioritise tasks, action urgent jobs or see where the team is on a map and schedule things more easily?
It's all in the detail-130

It’s all in the detail

In-app  functionality allows you and the team to capture photos, record notes, attach files, get signatures on any device (iOS or Android).  Gather richer job detail and become organised as you go about your jobs.


Keep everyone in the loop

Use in-app messaging to send the team an email or SMS and include the job or task detail they will need to know.  It’s just one more way to keep the lines of communication open with the team.  Add a message to the customer while you’re at it, so everyone is in the loop.   
Start Timer

Time sheets don’t need to be a headache

With an in-app  timer, you and the team can record time on a job with a click of a button.   Assign a custom label or charge out rate for the jobs, travel and tasks your team do.  No more chasing up outstanding job sheets and the job charge information is available immediately.


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Job Sheet - Desktop-679

Appointment reminders

Use in-app messaging to send customers an email or SMS to remind them you’ll be there.  It’s just one more way to keep the lines of communication open so everyone is in the loop.


Post Job Reports

Use  in-app  messaging to send customers customised post job reports via email or template form.  A great way to reinforce the work you’ve done and engage with clients one-to-one.

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Quote - PB video-758-809-592

Build Better Customer IQ

Use NextMinute to store all your customer job history, so you always know what you did last time, you can always be informed and better serve your clients needs.  Client knowledge stays with the business.  Safely stored in the cloud and always accessible wherever you are.

Faster Response Times

Use NextMinute to turn out quotes quickly on-site and get these to your clients immediately.  Turn around invoices promptly.  The business end of your jobs doesn’t have to take an age.  Your customers will appreciate your prompt  turnaround  of quotes and invoices.  You are guaranteed to  stand out  from the rest.

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