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Work & Team Management

Strong teamwork and customer management is crucial to any business. That's why we've paid attention to all the key details that will make Field Service Management painless.

You'll love the automatic and intuitive features that will keep your workforce in check like clockwork. Time to throw out the painkillers.
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Stay In Touch Anywhere, Anytime

Send SMS or Email Reminders Directly From One App

As you make changes to a job or task, you can choose to inform customers or people assigned to the task via Email or SMS immediately.

Just add a phone number or an email address to the Contacts list in the app and keep in touch without missing a beat.

Better communication - Desktop-700
Keep A Communication Trail That's Organised

Record a message trail of all SMSes or Emails within a job or task without going through messy paperwork or looking at another screen.

Sort out team accountability and keep your customers happy and updated.

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Move Your Customer Database Over Without Losing Order

It's so easy to import a list of customers to NextMinute and get a simplified CRM system up and running.

When you've added a long list of contacts, you can easily assign them to groups or search for a specific customer through filters.

Contact Details - Desktop-205

Keep An Eye Out Without Going Blind

Don't Let A Single Minute Out Of Sight

Keep track of time and materials with just a click of a button on the app's stopwatch feature.

Great when you're charging on hours. From here, you'll have the ability to compare what was recorded and what was charged.

Keep on the budget and be profitable.

Sections View - Desktop-245
Protect Sensitive Data With Restricted Access

When working with third-party contractors or technicians, sharing data can get pretty complex especially when you need to restrict access to your intellectual property and client database.

With NextMinute, it's no longer an issue. Easily assign a role to a group of contacts to restrict access to different sections or lock editing features to protect sensitive data.

You'll also be able to easily invite or remove members in less than a minute within contact groups or lists. No more unwanted edits or missing information.

Permissions - Desktop-455

Never Lose Important Data With The Activity Log

Paperwork? That's In The Past

Capture and keep everything you need from a job. From a signature to photos or notes and even sketchy scribbles. Upload it instantly for immediate team action or emailing.

Never lose a single document and track it to a specific job without losing your cool.

All data is stored securely, visible anytime on any device.

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