Construction management software that puts you in the driver’s seat.

NextMinute’s construction management software brings together deep industry know-how with intuitive technology designed to improve construction workflow and communication.

Our platform can help you at every stage of the construction process, from planning and execution, to management and completion, NextMinute can support you at every step along the way.

Combining industry know-how from years on the job with intuitive technology designed to improve construction workflow and communication at every stage of the construction process. Our construction software helps you get the job done.

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Technology has come a long way and with it improved workflow and management systems.

It’s time to say goodbye to time consuming admin tasks that pile up over months on the job and hello to a digital filing system that stores your most important information all in one, secure digital location.

NextMinute saves you time on filing and administration, it also ensures all of your data and important documentation is stored safely in the cloud.

Employees can also easily log their hours while you get any changes updated in real time, ie: when an employee is sick or works overtime.

Need an update on materials, hours worked or how the job is progressing? Log-in to your NextMinute account and find all of this important information ready and waiting.

Need to share important job info? NextMinute allows you to email job sheets, updates and progress reports out to your customers, contractors or staff so everybody stays up to date

Take the next step forward today and improve your businesses workflow, communication and integration today with NextMinute’s construction management software.

From planning and execution to management and completion.

Plan for the future and keep up to date with the present with real time updates. With NextMinute, employees upload pictures and important documents that are easily accessible via the cloud.

Whether you are a sole trader, plumber, electrician or builderNextMinute’s platform will help you improve your workflow by automating project management admin tasks so that the job gets done just as you planned.

All features from job tracking, integrated quoting, job management to email and account integration are accessible on both Apple and Android and allows you to execute, brief and manage projects anywhere, anytime.

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Real-time, on-the-job updates that keep you and your stakeholders in the know

Keep digitally up-to-date with a job’s progress at each key stage of the construction process. Easily share a job’s progress with stakeholders as you and your employees can update pictures and other documents to capture each stage of development. 

Automate admin tasks and improve workflow

Automate admin processes like invoicing, quotes and estimates, and payroll integration that take up time that can be spent getting the job done. 

Easy and Quick Material Orders

Systematise and streamline your orders with NextMinute. Our construction management software allows you to place and track your orders and keep your supplier’s details on file. Once a quote is ready you can immediately send out your order from our application.

Timesheets and Payroll Integration

Paper-based filing and invoicing a thing of the past, and it should be for your business too. Easily pay invoices, access timesheets and pay employees at the click of a button.  Less paperwork = less to do + more time to get the work done. 

Send out and receive invoices and store them all in one, secure location in the cloud.

At the click of a button send out partial or full-amount invoices. All invoices are securely stored in our database and can be integrated with your accounting software such as MYOB and Xero. 

Keep up to date with all your jobs anywhere, any time

Need an update on materials, hours worked or how the job is progressing? Log-in to your Next-Minute account and find all of this important information ready and waiting. 

We’re here to support you

You’re paying for our service and we want to be there to support you if any issues or questions arise. You won’t be met with an automated voice at the end of the phone line, but with a real person ready to answer your call. Contact us during business hours and we promise to be there to help.