Time sheets and Payroll Integration.

It shouldn’t be frustrating or worrying to get time sheets from your crew. Paper-based time sheets should be a thing of the past. You don’t want your admin to have to spend time translating hours for your payroll system, that just adds unnecessary costs to your business.

With NextMinute, as soon as they enter their time, you will see it in real time. This means no more late or lost time sheets, or trying to interpret scribbles or assigning it to the right jobs. Once approved, time sheets feed straight into Xero and MYOB Payroll.

Don’t be stuck in 1999, get your time sheets digitally.

NextMinute Timesheets iMac
NextMinute Mobile Quotes

Quotes & Estimates.

Quoting and Estimating can be tough if you are using old or inefficient methods. It can take so much time, and there is no guaranteed reward – its also very difficult to keep a track of them.

NextMinute quotes are easy to create, understand, and approve. They are also very flexible, and powerful. You can set up templates so they always look professional with your business details and logo.

They can even be turned into an invoice straight away, all from the one app.

Job Tracking.

Do you really know how a job is tracking? Have you got any visibility of your quoted and actual costs? Does your team know what they have on for the week? Without a solid system in place it can be like herding cats…

With NextMinute your job sheets with all of the correct information are accessible at any time, giving you a clear picture of what’s coming up so you can allocate the right staff to the right jobs well in advance.

No more stress from nagging staff, suppliers, subbies, customers and admin.

NextMinute All Jobs Computer


Invoicing needs to be easy and accurate. It doesn’t need to be difficult or take a ton of time, but traditionally it has been. At the end of the day, without invoicing there’s no money. If you invoice in NextMinute it just takes a couple of clicks to do so. Whether you want to invoice for a charge-up or quoted job, partial amount or full amount its all there. All job materials, time and other charges are forever saved in a single place and the invoices are synced with your accounting software such as MYOB and Xero.

Eliminate excuses from customers by allowing you to invoice quickly and accurately. Simple.

Scheduling and Planning.

Scheduling work to be done can be tricky in any trade business. Jobs can be very dependent on things like materials being ready, employees or contractors being available, bad weather or other delays preventing you from being on the tools.

NextMinute allows you to see what’s ahead, who is available and make changes on the fly when you need too. It will notify your staff too, so you can make sure they are turning up at the right job, on time.

Accessible to the team from anywhereanytime.

NextMinute Order iPhone

Simple Material Orders.

Orders traditionally require a bit of back and fourth over the phone, in person, by email etc. They can be misplaced and delayed for any number of reasons. You need a system to help track your orders – that’s where we can help out.

All of your suppliers and their details can be added into the system so once a quote is approved, you send out an order as soon as you are ready. Magic!

Free Support. Always.

Why would you use a system where you weren’t able to reach a real human at the end of the phone or have free training? Shouldn’t that be a given since you are paying for a subscription?

We will ensure you can always reach us here, in many different ways. You can send us a message when you are within the system, give us a call, send us an email or perhaps join in on a free training session to make the most of running your business.

We’ve got your back.

Make a Change.