Track charges by labour and material

Get notified of any changes on the job as they happen

Add photos and important documents for specific jobs

Keep updated with changes on the job as they happen.

Keeping up to date with jobs just became a whole lot easier with NextMinutes job tracking software. We know that things can get a bit chaotic and messy in the midst of a job. Unexpected challenges can arise and extra materials or extra hours on the job may be required. Sometimes keeping track of all the changes can not only be confusing, but it can be costly. Our job tracking software lets you report on estimate or quote versus actual charges so you and your customers can see job requirements over time.

Live Updates with Job Tracking Function
Live Job Tracking & Management from any device

Job tracking software helps you know who does what and for how long and is less prone to human error.

At times there can be hundreds of people on a job depending on the project. Our job tracking software helps you keep track of who did what and when. Track charges by labour and material, so you can keep tabs on who does what, what materials were required and how much it cost without having to troll through emails and paperwork.

Keeping paper copies and emails of job costs is prone to error. Extra materials and work may have been paid for without being included in the total job cost. NextMinute’s job tracking software helps you to stay up-to-date with expenses as you and your employees update any changes and additions to jobs in real-time. Not at the end of the day but as they happen, further reducing the possibility of misjudgement.

Order the right materials and take pictures of jobs with NextMinute’s job tracking software.

Your employees can add photos of materials and files so you can see and keep track of what is happening on a job. All of this important information is stored on the cloud and is accessible to you anytime and anywhere. At the click of a button you can see the completion and progress of a job as well as any issues that arise.

Keep track of the most important information anytime, anywhere. NextMinute’s job tracking software also allows you to safely and securely add data from a job or customer. Often important information can get lost and misplaced when using a manual filing system. NextMinute’s job tracking software takes the hassle out of paperwork, digitising important information that you can access on the go.  

Another premium feature of our job tracking software is NextMinute’s direct email integration. Here you can directly email job sheets out to contractors or other contracts, helping you get information out about jobs all at the click of a button.

Cabinets being completed - Taking photos with Job Tracking Software

Know the exact amount of job costs and changes that cost extra

NextMinutes job tracking software allows you to keep track of all material and labour costs.

Keep track of employee’s hours and overtime by the minute.

Keep track of your employees scheduled and actual working hours all with one easily accessible digital tool.

Report on total labour for a job or timeframe for all jobs and by staff member

Sometimes jobs take more or less time than originally planned. Track exactly how much time was spent on a job for individual employees as well as the total hours spent on the job.

Feed through to Payroll

Employee hours flow straight through into your payroll system so completing payroll is fast and accurate


See progress in real-time anytime, anywhere. 

Add photos and important documents from jobs to your NextMinute cloud.


Direct email integration

Email job sheets, contracts and other important information directly to contractors or clients, it’s that easy.

We’re here to support you

You’re paying for our service and we want to be there to support you if any issues or questions arise. You won’t be met with an automated voice at the end of the phone line, but with a real person ready to answer your call. Contact us during business hours and we promise to be there to help.