NextMinute and MYOB – Working together.

NextMinute and MYOB work hand in hand to make sure you don’t waste time double-handling information such as supplier invoices, invoices for your customers, time-sheets for payroll, all of your contacts and payments.

Basically, the connection just makes things easier.

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Check out how to hook it up…

Step 1 – Plug it in

  • When logged in to NextMinute on your computer, from the left-hand menu navigate to ‘Admin’
  • Find the ‘Accounting’ tab, then click the MYOB icon that applies to you

NB The same process applies to both MYOB Account Right and Essentials with slight variations

MYOB and NextMinute Step 1

Step 2 – Contacts & Invoices

  • If you want your contacts to sync from MYOB to NextMinute, make sure to check the box to import your contacts
  • Choose the applicable accounts to make sure your sale items go to the right places when sending an invoice to MYOB
  • If you want to continue using the invoice numbers you already use in MYOB, make sure that is set up too
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Step 3 – Payments & Sending

  • Select the appropriate account for receiving payments
  • Choose how you want invoices to appear when they are synced with MYOB
  • Set if you would like a reminder to sync with MYOB when invoices are sent from NextMinute
  • Remember to save

For further information on setting up MYOB and Payroll, please see this knowledge base article

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