NextMinute is the Aspirin for admin, we take the pain away.

We exist to help tradies run better businesses.
That's it. 

It all started a long time ago...

Well, nah not really, about four years ago. How'd it start you ask? Well we have a bunch of mates who are tradies and got sick of them saying no to everything because they always had paperwork to do on the weekends and in the evenings. There's got to be a better way, we thought. So we developed NextMinute. It keeps the work, the team, the costs, and all the admin organised, leaving our mates and hundreds of other tradies free to do the better things in life. 

Our people are your people

Across NZ and Australia, our team work hard to make tradie lives better with down-to-earth service and software that makes sense.  You want to work smarter? We've got your back. Want to create sweet looking quotes and invoices? Yep, got that too. No to paper (except for the money kind)? Yea mate, NextMinute lets you do everything online. We're here for you with sweet software and a top team of ladies and gents to help 24/7.   

Hayden Foster


"It's great to be helping tradies improve their businesses through technology and ultimately make their lives easier."

Carmen Baden


"Ensuring the delivery of a quality app that’s easy to use is my passion."

Sam Wyatt

Sales Manager

"I am built for solving problems, and knowing NextMinute is the right solution for your trade business is really rewarding. Work with me to bring your business into the 21st century."

Patrick Roche


“Seeing how quickly our customers learn and benefit from NextMinute is really rewarding.”

David Falconer

Channel Project Manager

“Working directly with business owners is such a rewarding exercise, they genuinely appreciate the support and guidance we provide. It feels good to know that NextMinute is saving them time and cutting out the unnecessary admin in their business." 

Michael Falconer

Executive Director

"I enjoy building and working with such a great team to deliver a solution that can really help people to run their businesses."

Simon Greenwood


"I saw so many tradies struggling to manage their businesses, and so created NextMinute as an easy to use solution for people with little or no computing experience. It’s been my passion for almost a decade now and I really enjoy hearing how much our customers love it!”

Edward Robinson


Dmitry Sparrow

Senior Developer

“I love being part of the NextMinute team because we are all enthusiasts fully engaged in what we do.”

Ain't no one got time for quoting either

Ain't no one got time for quoting either

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