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Straight forward Job Quoting

Quoting, it's like a vege quiche; it does the job but it isn't pleasant. NextMinute quotes are easy to create, understand, and approve, all from the one app. Tasty.

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Bob Hearn - April Remedial Building

"To be able to invoice on the run and to keep on the spot recording of quotation variations makes NextMinute invaluable."

Keeping it organised Job Scheduling

What's that Mrs Customer? Reschedule the job? No worries. NextMinute makes jobs scheduling easy as. Accessible to the team from anywhere, anytime. Yep, Bob is your uncle.  And mate you are keeping one step ahead of the rest.

To the point Job Tracking

Yeah mate, paperwork is for schmucks. With NextMinute, your job sheets are accessible by the whole team from the one place, 24/7. Goodbye nagging staff, suppliers, subbies, customers and admin.  Sorted in one place accessible from any device.

Tairua Electrical
Graeme Keyte - Tairua Electrical

“Once I fully implemented NextMinute it was a relief to have a structured system in place.  Generating jobs and ensuring key details weren’t missed and task scheduling for my employees was now handled in a more organised way.  The biggest business improvement was my ability to just be more organised overall. I can be more flexible and react quicker to customers, especially when I’m out of the office, on the job and picking up supplies (this is most of the time).”

Taking care of business Timesheets

Ahhh timesheets. The bane of every job. With NextMinute you get real-time time sheets, making it the boys' & girls' responsibility. No time entered = no pay. They learn quick.  

Easy as Job Invoicing

Job invoicing. It's worse than your apprentice's whispy mo. But, without invoicing there's no money. So suck it up cupcake and use NextMinute to invoice on time and minus the hassle.  All job materials, time and charges are tracked in one place and synced with your accounting software with one click. Simple.  NextMinute integrates with Xero and MYOB.

rowena dix v2
Rowena Dix - NZ Proud Limited

"The great thing about NextMinute is how it consolidates all the information required for a job or project and being able to access it from anywhere."

Simple as Supplier Ordering

Stuck on the job and can't get out to Placies? At home with a case of the man-flu? No worries. Order all your important stuff from NextMinute, delivered on site. As you were mate. 

Nope, still rather be up the mountain.

Nope, still rather be up the mountain.

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