Monthly Pricing

We keep pricing pretty simple. At a minimum, for example a 1 man band, you would be charged for a single ‘Admin user’. If you need to add staff, they are generally known as ‘mobile users’.

Admin User

Mobile User




number of users
number of mobile users

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Admin Users?

Access to everything, typically the business owner, office, project, or management team members. These users retain full control over team access rights.

What are Mobile Users?

Admin Users control exactly what Mobile Users can see or do using NextMinute. Mobile Users can access Nextminute on any mobile phone or computer.

Are there any contracts?

No. Just pay for the staff you have in the system on a monthly basis.

What training and support is available?

We have an awesome online knowledge base via our help center, which includes easy to follow guides. Our new YouTube channel is packed with videos, and you can book a free demo at any point with Sam to help get up and running. Support via chat, phone and email is FREE.