Having a good view of where larger projects are at, how they are broken down with an expected start and end date of each stage, and how much time is left for each stage has historically been quite difficult to get an easy view of. Using excel or whiteboards are commonly used for this kind of visibility, or other highly expensive software specifically for managing projects that can be overly complex.

We are happy to announce a new feature within NextMinute called ‘Job Planning’ (Also known as a Gantt Chart, or Project Planning). This view will enable you to see the stages of projects at a very high level, and ensure you can plan for the future as well as knowing what is happening in the present.

If you already use ‘tasks’ within jobs on NextMinute, this view takes that one step further as the tasks can be displayed on the Job Planning view if you would like them to, or if you didn’t want to display a task on this view (such as a planned meeting with an Architect), simply choose not too.

Gantt Chart

Questions you may have:

  • Who has access to this view? – Anyone with an ‘Administration’ level account within NextMinute
  • Is this an ‘add-on’ or is it automatically in NextMinute? – It’s automatically added in with our latest update. No add-on required!
  • What if I need to change the expected date of part of a project? – There are some real smarts in Job Planning, where you are able to make certain stages depend on the previous stage being complete (see the arrows on the above picture?) This means, if there are any delays, or you need to push a stage out for any reason, everything that depends on that stage will automatically be pushed out.
  • Can I add more than one job at a time? – Of course, as many as you need to display and you can search for the jobs you want to see or add filters to see only what you would like.

Learn More: (additional information and links coming soon…)