GPS time capture

Real-time employee hours and location tracking.

unreadable timesheet

No more late, damaged or lost time sheets

Integrates with Xero

Seamless integration into Xero and MYOB payroll.

Improve workflow while saving time and money

NextMinute’s timesheet function lets you instantly access, record and integrate timesheet and payroll data. This means time and money is saved sending timesheets to your payroll. Helping you work smarter, not harder.

Say goodbye to the piles of timesheet paperwork that takes hours to work through. Advances in technology have made paper-based time sheets a thing of the past. 

With timesheet software, employees spend less time on admin and more time getting the job done. After a big day on the job, filling in timesheets can be a hassle and it is a task that is prone to error when done at the last minute. Help your employees to make the most of every NextMinute by digitising the process.

NextMinute Timesheet Software on iPhone

Enhances operational efficiency and minimises error. 

The NextMinute timesheet integration feature allows you to digitally integrate your timesheets and payroll. 

Many hours are lost in admin keeping track of and gathering timesheet data. Making the shift from manual to digital is guaranteed to save your business time and money. 

NextMinute’s timesheet software can save you, your employees and your company hours of admin time by tightly integrating your timesheet and payroll system. No matter the size of your business or number of employees, our timesheet software streamlines the exact amount of time spent on the job with payroll systems, powerfully improving workflow, precision and efficiency. 

When manually transferring data from timesheets to payroll systems can often lead to errors. By digitising this process, you minimise potential errors made for both business and employee. Timesheet software is a powerful tool that boosts both precision and organisation within your business. 

Accessible anywhere, any time.

Keep all timesheets organised, safe and secure in one digital toolbox. Employees can immediately log their hours on the NextMinute app, while you receive real-time data on total hours worked and job location at your fingertips. 

Say goodbye to trying to interpret damaged or illegible timesheets that have spent weeks changing hands. 

The integration feature on NextMinutes timesheet software is available on Apple and Android and allows you to execute, brief, manage and invoices anywhere, anytime.

Tradies Accessing NextMinute on construction site

Track Staff Time by total hours, a stopwatch or time-range

Keep track of your employees working hours to the very second all with one easily accessible digital tool.

Track staff location when entering time

Make sure staff are on the job when they clock their hours as their location will show on a map for each job

Bill all of your staff time (Change to ‘Send staff hours to Xero or MYOB Payroll’)

The timesheet integration feature calculates total staff time worked on the job while automating payments, all at once. (Change to ‘When you receive all of your staff timesheets, you can press a button to send them straight through to your payroll system. Much easier than having to enter things twice.’

Report on total labour for a job or time-frame for all jobs and by staff member

Sometimes jobs take more or less time than originally planned. Track exactly how much time was spent on a job for individual employees as well as the total hours spent on the job then compare it with your quoted costs to keep things accurate.

Manage your staff costs 

Keep track of all on-the-job and excess staff costs. 

Push time straight to an invoice

Directly export hours logged to invoice systems such as Xero or MYOB

We’re here to support you

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