There’s no doubt that being a tradie requires a person to be strong, both physically and mentally. Those long hours, weekend jobs and phone calls from clients during odd hours aren’t easy to handle.

But if you use your time and energy strategically, you can actually get more work done in less time.

In this article, we’ll share our top 4 tips to increase your productivity as a tradie.

1. Make Health and Safety the Topmost Priority

Fact is, tradies can’t be productive if they’re sick or injured. To do all that hard work, tradies need to be in good health.

As a trade business owner, it’s not only your moral responsibility but also your legal obligation to ensure that your employees’ are provided with a safe workplace environment.

Injuries or work-related stress increases absenteeism and decreases productivity. So make sure that you follow the highest health and safety standards.

2. Communicate efficiently

One of the biggest hurdles in trade sector businesses is inefficient communication systems. Whenever something goes wrong during the project, it’s highly likely that the reason is lack of proper communication.

When your tradie digs the foundation in the wrong spot or someone installs obscure glass instead of transparent by mistake, it makes people do double the work and decreases the overall productivity.

At the very least, every team member on the project should know about the following things at any given time:

  • What work has been accomplished last week/month
  • What work is planned for the upcoming time frame
  • Chain of command
  • Project scope
  • Duties of each individual

These days, we have messaging and video-calling apps at our fingertips. Which means communicating effectively has never been easier. So use modern communication tools and keep your tradies on top of everything relating to the project.

3. Use technology to get rid of the paperwork

Tradies need to understand that “being busy” doesn’t always mean “being productive”. The idea is to work smart – not hard.

If you, as a tradie, want to get rid of the paperwork and have more time to do things you love – install NextMinute on your phone now.

You can track all job materials, time and charges in one place and sync them with your accounting software with a single click. You can even turn quotes into invoices instantly.

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