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You shouldn't have to worry about getting the correct time-sheets from your crew. Paper-based sheets are a thing of the past. With NextMinute you get real-time time sheets, making it the boys' & girls' responsibility. No time entered = no pay. They learn quick.  

Easy Job Quoting and Estimating

Quoting and Estimating can be tough if you are using old methods. It can take so much time, and there is no guaranteed reward. NextMinute quotes are easy to create, understand, and approve. They can even be turned into an invoice straight away, all from the one app.

Accurate Job Tracking

Do you really know how a job is tracking?  With NextMinute, your job sheets with all of the information you like are accessible by the whole team from the one place, 24/7. Goodbye nagging staff, suppliers, subbies, customers and admin.  All of your job details in one place, accessible at any time from any device.

Accurate Job Invoicing

Invoicing needs to be easy to do and as accurate as can be. It doesn't need to be painful, but traditionally it has been! At the end of the day, without invoicing there's no money. So use NextMinute to invoice on time and minus the hassle. All job materials, time and charges are tracked in one place and synced with your accounting software with one click. Simple. NextMinute integrates with Xero and MYOB.

Flexible Job Scheduling

Scheduling work to be done can be tricky. Bad weather? Other delays preventing you from being on the tools? No worries. NextMinute makes jobs scheduling easy as. Accessible to the team from anywhere, anytime.

Simple Supplier Orders

Orders traditionally require a bit of back and fourth over the phone, in person, by email etc. They can be misplaced and delayed for any number of reasons. You need a system to help track your orders - that's where we can help out. All of your suppliers and their details can be added into the system so once a quote is approved, you can push out an order as soon as you are ready. Magic!

Nope, still rather be up the mountain.

Nope, still rather be up the mountain.

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