Who uses NextMinute?

1000s of jobs have been completed across Australia  using NextMinute. Good tradespeople use spreadsheets, but the smart ones use NextMinute.


You're the main contractor. The head honcho. And you need the best systems to run your jobs like a boss. Get NextMinute. Manage jobs, order materials, send invoices, quote, allocate labour and everything else you do - anytime, anywhere. It won't help you deal with the apprentice's whispy mo though.

Earthmovers and Landscapers

Want to be stuck inside all day at a desk doing paperwork? Nah didn't think so. Do yourself a favour and get NextMinute. Manage all your jobs, invoicing, ordering, timesheets and quoting in one simple place. Easy as.

Plumbers and Gasfitters

Paperwork; it's as great as a job with seeping brown water from the bottom of a toilet. Yep, you need NextMinute. The primo software helps you do job management, invoicing, ordering, timesheets and quoting. Easy as.


Never trust an electrician with no eyebrows and never trust a businessman with a stack of paperwork. NextMinute; better than a job with no filthy crawl spaces.

Painters & Home Decorators

You're running a crew and there's always too much to do. You need a system that's easy for you, but even easier for the guys.  And you need the best systems to run your jobs and save you time.  Keeping tabs on the team is a must, but you can't be on every job every minute of the day, so you need a 'hub' to track progress. Manage jobs, see the GPS info, record the hours, quote for business and everything else you do - anytime, anywhere. Keep on top of all the work, minus a headache.

Cleaners & Home Services

You clean like a boss! But that paperwork seems only to be cleared away and it's back again. Get NextMinute for full spectrum job management, recurring jobs and team scheduling.  No mess, no fuss, no worries.

HVAC & Refrigeration

NextMinute, it's more powerful than a 1500kW chiller and handier than a BTU calculator. Manage all your jobs, quoting, invoicing, ordering and more - it's a breeze. (Yes we went there.)

Nope, nope, still rather go to the beach

Nope, nope, still rather go to the beach

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