Simple pricing that suits
the way you and your
team work.

Matt Tester
Matt Tester - Elitebuild

"I looked at a bunch of different systems but NextMinute had the complete package. It was easy to get up and running and all of the guys picked it up quickly."

Admin User
39 $ AUD
Mobile User
9 $ AUD
per user, per month
Perfect for customers who want full access to all the features. Everything from quoting to job scheduling to invoicing, to help run your trades and service business operations.
  • Full Feature Access
  • Phone and Email Support
  • 14 day free trial
  • No contracts, pay month to month.
A plan to suit your team size
Talk to us
Ideal for bigger teams, talk to us about a custom team package that is tailored to your business size.
  • All the features and priced to suit bigger teams
  • Discounted per user price
  • No contracts, pay month to month
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Start up service

Our friendly team here at NextMinute Head Office will support your set up & provide training

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How does the pricing work?

Each NextMinute account needs at least one admin user license. From this base, additional admin users and mobile users can be added. For example, if it’s just you in your business, then you’ll just need one admin user license. But if it’s you and three other guys in the team, then you’ll need one admin and three mobile user licenses.

What are Admin Users?

Admin users have access to full product functionality and are typically the business owner, office, project, or management team members. These users retain full control over team access rights. All businesses using NextMinute require a minimum of one Admin license.

What are Mobile Users?

Mobile users get access to only the parts of the product that they need – and at a reduced price. Mobile users are usually your onsite or field service team, so they don’t typically need all the bells and whistles the office team does. These users can still access Nextminute on any device: PC, mobile or tablet.

What Accounting Systems does NextMinute integrate with?

Nextminute currently integrates with Xero, MYOB AccountRightLive, MYOB Essentials, Attache. See our help center for full details.

We say ‘no’ to lock-in contracts.

Forget fixed term contract locks. Start with a smaller number of users and expand to the rest of the team as you grow.  Upgrades are available at anytime; you’ll pay for new users as they come. Your monthly recurring billing is confirmed at time of billing to alleviate any unwelcome surprises.

Who sees what when accessing NextMinute?

‘Permissions’ allow you to control what you as the business owner sees versus what your team, contractors and suppliers see. We give you a couple of easy to understand roles and permissions to get started. Talk to our team about setting up your own access rights.

What training is available for the team and I?

We have an awesome online knowledge base via our help center, which includes articles, videos, weekly webinars and ‘how to’ guides on everything you need to know about getting started with NextMinute and becoming a power user. You can also get in touch with our team via phone and online support. We love connecting with our customers so don’t be shy!

What does NextMinute work on?

NextMinute works on both Windows and Mac computers and all widely available browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).  We recommend Chrome, but the choice is totally yours. The NextMinute mobile app works on Android phones and tables and on Apple iPhones and iPads.  Offering you and your team plenty of access options - wahoo!