How CJM Plumbing manages massive growth with less effort

The Company

CJM Plumbing and Drainage a team of trustworthy trades people with years of experience in the Plumbing, Civil Construction and excavation industry.
Chris started the company about three years ago. and yeah, it’s just grown a lot since then, and hence why we started looking for some job management software.

Yeah, so it just sort of started with Chris, one other plumber and myself really and then we now have over 7 plumbers.

How did you hear about NextMinute?

So I’ve done a few different trials with a few different softwares. I liked that NextMinute seemed quite user friendly, not just for myself in the office but for the guys out on site. I liked the the app and how easy it was for them to use. I don’t want to have to be dealing with complicated systems and everything else. Versus some of the other ones we looked at just were quite complex or what we needed.

The Challenge

I suppose the stress from Chris. I saw him trying to obviously run all the jobs from his head and in his diary and the boys always having to sort out the plans and what’s going on at jobs. I would say the growth that we’ve got for this year, we just knew that we couldn’t keep going in that direction, without having some sort of systems in place.

Chris is sort of going home in the evening and then having to work until late at night, go away on the weekends and still be working. The phone going crazy all the time so with a couple of young kids…

CJM Plumbing and Drainage

The Process

Why did you decide to opt for NextMinute?

We looked at a few options. One of the bigger ones that we looked at offered personal support, but at a cost. Admittedly they would have done everything with the setup. They wanted $900 or something to do that on top of $400 a month package. Sam showed me where he was doing things and I was on the screen while he was doing it. He screen shared with so I could see where he was going to do things and he was explaining so it just made it a lot easier.

NextMinute became the best option.

Was there a particular problem NextMinute helped solve for you?

Somewhere that we could Add all of our jobs and have all of the plans and photos. All the information that related to that job in the one spot.

I will be using the timesheet and we’ll definitely be using those to help with the costing towards some of the jobs. Down the track will start using the scheduled tasks and the job planning and start using a lot more features in there.

But just for now it was just to get all jobs on to NextMinute.


Tell us about your experience with the NextMinute team

Sam helped me get it all set up and, it was really helpful with getting everything that we wanted in there and going.

I think the communication and that’s been really good. When I started the trial and spoke to Sam and then I had a bit of a go through meeting with him to look at the products and learn it right until he set it up it was all really easy and pretty straightforward.

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