We've teamed up with Saint Financial Group

Next Minute is teaming up with Saint Financial Group to provide a complete service to the construction industry. Together we know we can make a real difference to construction businesses, transforming the way you work into a more digital and complete construction process, delivering the experience you expect.

Saint Financial Group is a powerful weapon for construction businesses. With over 35 years of experience in supporting the construction trade, they have virtually seen everything you could be going through. SaintFG works with you to understand exactly what you need in order to excel by holding an extensive range of solutions to run and manage your business.

“I have a great passion for standing up for and promoting the building industry and its supporting companies – an emotion or view that is often set aside during a busy life in the building industry with its ups and downs, we forget how great a career you can have or all the good we have got out of our time working in it”. – From an Interview with Stephen O’Rourke, Director of Saint Financial Group.

We understand that software can really help a business however a limiting factor we see is the need for a support team who would manage the software. The system is only as good as the team managing the software and this is why we have partnered with Saint Financial Group to provide that extra level of support for construction businesses looking to reach that next level.

Next Minute is teaming up with Saint Financial Group

Take action with a free consultation with a friendly business advisor at SaintFG to discuss your burning questions and put that energy back into your business. They can support you in identifying the next steps to get you to the next level in your business. You can book your free call here.

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