Discover NextMinute’s digital toolbox and see how our job management software can transform your workflow.

You can access NextMinute anytime, anywhere from your phone, tablet or computer.
Our powerful job management app allows you to manage your business from anywhere, all in one place, on-the-go, on-the-job, or from home. 

Say goodbye to paperwork that builds up and can get lost. NextMinute allows you to keep it all in one digital toolbox, making sure your transactions and communications stay as organised as possible. It’s that easy.

NexMinutes Digital Toolbox Job Management Software

Work smarter, not harder

At the end of the day, we believe it’s about working smarter, not harder.
Our years of experience on the job have not only taught us how to use the tools of the trade but, most importantly: how to make the most of every next minute.
Our job management app allows you to get your work done quickly so that you can enjoy your hard-earned free time.

NextMinute’s job management software reduces the time you spend on administration,  so that you can spend more time billing hours and less time on admin. Our job management software helps all tradies, no matter the industry, whether you’re a company or sole trader, plumber, electrician or builder; NextMinute will improve your workflow, making time spent on the job more efficient, effective and as smooth as possible. 

All with one easy to use tool that is available on Apple and Android and allows you to execute, brief, manage and invoices anywhere, anytime.

Make the most of every minute on the job so that you can enjoy your free time.

NextMinute: the latest job management software designed by tradies for tradies.
We know the challenges of the trade and we want to provide you with the tools to make your job easier.
Finding jobs, assigning your team, tracking timesheets and sending quotes and documents back and forth takes up a lot of time, almost as much time as the job itself. That’s why our team here at NextMinute have been working hard to make your working life easier. Making the most of your time at work is as simple as that. 

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We’re here to support you

You’re paying for our service and we want to be there to support you if any issues or questions arise. You won’t be met with an automated voice at the end of the phone line, but with a real person ready to answer your call. Contact us during business hours and we promise to be there to help.