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About Us

Rainforest Bookkeeping was born 01 September 2009.  Why the name?  When I think of a Rainforest, I think of sustainability, new growth and the possibility of something new. I also think of all the trees we can save by moving to the cloud and going as paperless as possible.

Rainforest Bookkeeping is a forward-thinking and paperless practice with a passion for clean books and effective processes. I absolutely love taking a complicated process and developing it in to a workable, streamlined task with no duplication.

Initially, using desktop software, it was all about data entry, paperwork and filing. Each client required 4-8 hours per week in the client’s office.  Playing catch up was the norm instead of the exception. There was no time for value-adding services and advisory.

As a Bookkeeping practice, we now have complete transparency throughout the accounting process, one point of truth and we have everything at hand for year-end. The Bookkeeper – Accountant relationships have never been stronger. Rainforest Bookkeeping is 100% cloud-based with Xero.  Having experience with many desktop software platforms has made the migration from desktop to the cloud has become a speciality.

The best part is our clients now know what’s happening in their businesses in real-time.

How many trade clients do you have? Do you specialise in this industry?

We specialise in trade and micro businesses. Over 20 trade clients.

Tell us about how your trade clients worked before NextMinute?

Great builders are not necessarily great managers or business people. They seemed to have lots of ball in the air and fewer hours on the jobs. The uncertainty of not knowing how a job is progressing or if you are actually making any money on a job is very stressful. Having to do timesheets outside a job management meant duplication and wasted time instead a streamlines process.

Has NextMinute helped improve the working relationship with your client?

Yes, they see I speak their language and understand their businesses. My goal is to give them their time back, spend less time in administration and more time growing their businesses.

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