Meet AK – But not in the ring as she would punch you in the face

Most people think NextMinute’s recipe to success is in our epic job management software. But that’s only 50% of the secret sauce. Our awesome team is the real key to helping our customers smash their business goals. 

Enter Anna-Kate (AK) Maguire. Weighing in at [redacted] pounds, she’s the undefeated champion at helping our Kiwi and Aussie customers succeed. 

If you’ve met AK, you know she is in a class of her own when it comes to offering personal, friendly, upbeat service with an uppercut of humour and enthusiasm. But, did you know she also likes the occasional fist fight? 👀

We asked AK a few questions to help get to know her...

Where are you from?

Meath, Ireland

What brought you to Australia?

The better quality of life, and I’d always wanted to see this thing you call the “sun”.

Favourite country you have travelled to?

New Zealand - Kiwi humour, great mountains and the best cider!

Which is better, Australia or New Zealand?

Can’t have my citizenship revoked, so better say Aussie. 

Why Sydney?

Had to see 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney from Finding Nemo!

How did you get started at NextMinute?

I was working with a residential builder and we got told about NextMinute. I saw how much it could help more tradies with scheduling and keeping track of things!

What do you like about working at NextMinute?

The people and the tradies - everyone is there to get the job done together. 

What do you do day to day? 

Help tradies improve how they manage and track their projects and see just how simple and easy it should and can be. 

What’s your favourite thing about working with tradies?

Chatting with them, they come out with some bloody good one-liners and I love seeing the final works -  it’s phenomenal what they can build!

Tell us something interesting about yourself…

Although I don’t look like it, I love competing in boxing fights and cooking a good meal.

Favourite movie and food?

Shawshank redemption and I NEVER go past a caramel slice.

What do you do for fun?

Boxing and Western horse riding.


That’s a wrap. If you want AK in your corner helping your construction business succeed, book an intro call with her today by clicking here. 

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