NextMinute: A WorkflowMax Alternative For Builders And Tradies

What’s happening to WorkflowMax? 

In early 2023, WorkflowMax by Xero advised they would be shutting up shop in mid-2024 to focus on other projects. 

Shortly after, a group named BlueRock acquired the rights to the WorkflowMax brand name and set an ambitious target to create a new and improved WorkflowMax 2.0 by early 2024.

WorkflowMax 2.0 is now live, and businesses using WorkflowMax by Xero are being encouraged to make the switch.

Is WorkflowMax by BlueRock good for builders & tradies? 

We’ve had a few yarns to builders and tradies over the last few weeks, and we’re hearing four things:

  1. WorkflowMax by BlueRock is still developing, and many features your business may rely on are not yet available. For example, payroll sync with Xero is not yet available for New Zealand and UK customers.
  2. There have been some delays on releasing features, and this isn’t ideal when you’re being forced to switch providers now. 
  3. The product feels a bit unfinished (see Facebook comments here) and may not offer a like-for-like user experience compared to the original WorkflowMax.
  4. The WorkflowMax team is understandably under the pump and may be slow to respond to customer enquiries.

Now, we don’t dunk on our competitors. We celebrate the team for building a feature-rich software solution in just over twelve months with awesome potential. And the team must be under tremendous pressure to develop the software, migrate customers, and keep them happy. We wish them success and may even send them a few brews once they get over the hump. 

We also know that builders and tradies are busy and want to avoid business disruption so they can just focus on the job. Many are now looking at alternative job management providers. And if you’re in that camp, we want to help you find the best solution for your business.

Give NextMinute a go

If you’re a builder or tradie, or an accountant with builders or tradies on the books that need to make a software switch very soon, we encourage you to take a look at NextMinute.

Check out our software comparison here.

We’ll take the hassle out of making the switch. Whether you're a tradie, accountant, or bookkeeper, we’ll do all the hard work of migrating data, training staff, and getting you set up for success. 

Until the end of July, we’re offering WorkflowMax customers 50% off for their first three months. 


  • Free onboarding, data migration, and training
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Ongoing training and support at no charge

Why NextMinute?

NextMinute was purpose-built to help Kiwi and Aussie tradies manage their jobs, crew, and finances in one simple-to-use software.

  • 100% free onboarding, ongoing training, and customer support
  • Built specifically for residential construction and trades - perfect for managing complex jobs
  • A dedicated local support team that understands your busines
  • Two-way integration with Xero, MYOB, & QuickBooks
  • Loved by customers - 4.9/5 average review score

Check out all our features and testimonials here. 

We’ve got your back  

In these slow times, you need to be focused on keeping jobs coming in and on track, not moving software platforms and learning new systems. 

Our team is standing by reading to put in the hard yards and offer you a stress-free migration. Book an intro call today to get started.

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