Why NextMinute is Called the Tradie App of Choice

Being a tradie is hard yakka, so it really helps to have the right apps that can save you time, stress and money.

One such tech tool is NextMinute – The Tradie App of Choice (and the title is well deserved).

Built with the aim to help tradies improve their business through technology, NextMinute truly makes your life easier.

Here are some key features:

1. Timesheets

You know how boring it is for you and your staff to deal with timesheets. NextMinute saves you from the stress that comes with paper-based sheets and offers real-time timesheets – all on the app (no papers involved). Simplifying the process of timesheets means you’ll have more time for other important tasks.

2. Job quoting and estimating

Have you ever heard an annoyed member of the team say: “No more spreadsheets, please!”? It can be really stressful to use spreadsheets for job quoting and estimating, but not when you use the right technology. Creating and approving quotes in NextMinute is easy as and the best part is, you can turn quotes into an invoice instantly.

3. Clear-cut job tracking

Job management apps are a must in this day and age. With NextMinute, you can store all the information about job sheets in one place. No need to give a heads up to the team as they can access all the info they need anytime, anywhere.

4. Hassle-free job invoicing

“I like to deal with a whole lot of numbers every day,” said no one ever. Usually, invoicing and stress go hand-in-hand – but not with NextMinute. You can track all job materials, time and charges in one place and sync them with your accounting software with a single click. So if you’re  a tradie who’s looking for invoicing software, NextMinute has got just what you need.

5. Exceptional online knowledge base

NextMinute has a huge online knowledge base that addresses almost every issue a user can potentially have with the app. You can also find blogs on a variety of topics on the website – from tips to grow trade business to handling staff disputes. In addition to this, customers can also access numerous video tutorials on NextMinute’s YouTube Channel. What more can a tradie ask for? This app has everything under one roof.

So, how much does NextMinute cost?

Check out our calculator to work out each team member.

You get:

  • Team Management + Timesheets
  • Quoting + Ordering + Invoicing
  • Job Management + Scheduling
  • Customers + Reporting
  • Free Phone Email and Chat Support
  • No contracts, pay month to month

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