Xero Certified Advisors My Two Cents Streamlines and Automates Business

The Company

My Two Cents collaborates with small business owners to create success through exceptional business support. We work with businesses New Zealand wide.

The team at My Two Cents offer a wide range of services including bookkeeping, payroll, accounting and taxation services, business setup, planning, budgeting and advisory services.

We are a small team made up of 4 key people – Haley our director and manager, Zoe our senior accountant, Mackyla and Jo our bookkeepers. We all work closely with our clients to make sure they are getting the business support they need to run successful businesses

The Challenge

How many trade clients do you have? Do you specialise in this industry?

We have approximately 108 clients in construction and trade.

We specialise in trades – especially construction. Zoe and Haley both have builders for partners and the trade industries have quite specific needs which we understand.

The Process

How did you hear about NextMinute?

I was referred to NextMinute by another bookkeeping colleague, I also had a new client come on board that was already using it. So it was a great opportunity to learn a new software and see how it could help other clients.

Why did you decide to partner with NextMinute?

We are Xero certified advisors and NextMinute has everything a tradie needs to plan, track, pay employees and invoice out with the added bonus that it syncs to Xero – making it easy for them to automate and streamline their business.

We have looked at several job management software options for our clients, and we came back to NextMinute for several reasons – cost effectiveness, support, client onboarding and training and the ease of use for our tradies – who are not all technology savvy.

Tell us about how your trade clients worked before NextMinute?

A lot of our tradie clients used very manual job management processes before NextMinute, like excel spreadsheets, looking at ingoings and outgoings on bank statements, and even going as far as keeping everything in their heads. Not ideal and we have worked really hard to help these clients accept that change needed to happen, and having a software would definitely help them to simplify, grow and create successful businesses.


NextMinute has helped our clients move from manual job management processes to software that saves time, provides valuable insights, speaks to Xero and generally helps them to run their businesses smarter.

With NextMinute our bookkeepers are able to assist our clients and work more closely with them, providing support and helping them solve any problems they come across. Being able to recommend a good job management system to clients and make sure they can get the support and training they need, creates value in the relationship we have with them.

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