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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Trade Job Management Software

Trade businesses are always looking for better ways to manage projects, teams, reports and quotes.

Trade businesses are always looking for better ways to manage projects, teams, reports and quotes. Some trade businesses use spreadsheets and other tools that require multiple software to help their trade business run smoothly. Working across various software systems and spreadsheets can be time-consuming, expensive and can lead to mistakes.

Keeping on top of multiple jobs running at the same time is tough. From quote, contract to payment, to managing projects from start to finish, you need a job management tool that keeps the job-life cycle moving.

With a streamlined job management system, not only can you better manage projects and communicate with clients and contractors, you can see the big picture and gain valuable insights into your business operations.

Here are 10 reasons why your trade needs trade job management software:

1. Better Organisation and End-to-End Project Management

Task management and organisation is crucial in any business. Trying to keep track of tasks and progress across different software can be difficult and time-consuming. Job management software brings all of your businesses most important information together in one place so you can view, manage and update tasks quickly and easily.

Jobs can be sorted and filtered by date, client, contractor, status and more, helping you keep track of each job’s project status.

2. Material Orders & Supplier Details At Your Fingertips

No more time wasted on the phone trying to remember what you need or hunting through paperwork! NextMinute’s supplier price lists feature allows you to store your most frequent orders and send them directly to your chosen supplier with just a couple of clicks.

Plus: we all know that there are many tax deductions to claim in the trades business. No need to remember how much was spent on duct tape or light bulbs – it’s recorded in the system and can be directly integrated with your accounting software!

3. Team Collaboration

When you’re managing a project, there will inevitably be some overlap. With NextMinute’s project sharing feature, each team member can access a job or project and work on it together – no more sending multiple emails with attachments or trying to track down the latest version of a document.

This feature is perfect for businesses with staff in different locations, as everyone can stay up to date and work on projects in real time.

4. Accurate Job Costing

The key to effective construction management is keeping track of labour, materials and other costs associated with each job. This helps with better budgeting and forecasting and prevents nasty surprises when sending the final bill.

Job management software makes it easy to track all costs associated with a job, from the initial quote to labour and materials used. You can also export data into your favourite accounting software for a complete overview of your businesses finances.

5. Detailed Reporting

Gaining insights into your businesses operations is a crucial part of efficient management. With this reporting information, you can improve processes, identify areas for improvement and reduce time spent on tasks that add no value – all leading to increased profitability.

6. Easily Generate Quotes and Estimates

Generating quotes that match with all of your job details is a breeze with a job management system like NextMinute. With accurate cost data at your fingertips, you can quickly generate quotes and estimates for potential jobs. Quotes can be customised and saved as templates for future use, making the quoting process even faster.

7. Automated Time Tracking

Time tracking can be a massive hassle for any business. But, with NextMinute’s software for tradies, time tracking is automated, ensuring that all employees’ hours are tracked accurately for each job. Say goodbye to time-consuming admin tasks and hello to time management made easy.

8. Track Project Cash Flow and Job Profitability

Cash flow is an essential part of any business, so it’s critical to have a thorough understanding of the financial health of your projects. An advanced job management software will offer a high-level view of cash flow across multiple projects, helping you make quick decisions about job status, progress and overall costing, enhancing the end-to-end project management process.

9. Track Job Status and Manage Jobs Easily

With trade job management software, you can review, update and plan for jobs all in one place. You can check the status of each project to see job completion status, jobs in the pipeline, and the key staff responsible for each job.

What’s more, if a change to a job happens last minute or if you need another worker, you can update your team in real-time and connect with a trusted worker on the spot!

10. Get More Done: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Trade job management software is a powerful tool that can dramatically increase business productivity and project management. By investing in the latest software for tradies, you can say goodbye to time-consuming admin tasks and stay on top of everything with ease!

With all of these great features at your fingertips, it’s easy to see why trade job management software is an essential tool for any trade service business to stay ahead. If you’re not using it already, it’s time to start!

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