Reporting - How is your business REALLY doing?

Reporting for Trade Businesses is traditionally overlooked, but shouldn’t be. It is crucial for any successful trade business to know how you are doing. Don’t you agree that just putting ‘bread on the table’ isn’t enough? What about that holiday, flash new set of tools or boat you are saving for? What jobs are making you that cash? And which staff members are your most proactive?

Some questions that we frequently come across, and can help solve:

  • Am I quoting or estimating accurately versus what I am charging?
  • What  are my labour and other costs on a job so I don't blow out and go over budget?
  • Is my team messing around and spending too much time on jobs?
  • Am I accurately paying my team for the hours that they are working when I run payroll?
  • How much profit am I really making? Maybe I can squeeze more out of my jobs…

It’s quite clear that having accurate reports can not only help you financially, but mentally too. There’s such a calming and rewarding feeling that comes with knowing what is going on with your business. It is also a very professional approach, which your customers will appreciate, and if you ever decide to permanently hang up the pinnie, or put down the shovel and sell your trade business you will have records of everything for potential buyers. That’s pretty cool.

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