How Admin Toolshed and NextMinute Solve the problem of time

The Company

Admin Tool Shed is a partnership bringing together almost 30 years of administration, bookkeeping and business development experience to trade businesses, one-man bands and “not for profits”.
We specialise in business development through systems, processes, and good business practice

The Challenge

Do you specialise in the trade & construction industry?

We have clients in the Trade sector, from landscaping to water management.
We have been able to combine our previous client experiences and current client experiences with NextMinute to specialise in trade industries.

The Process

How did you hear about NextMinute?

One of our clients came to us with NextMinute already set up in their business but not using the app to its full potential.
For over two years we have been working with NextMinute, and have been provided full support and training services to improve our knowledge and our client’s knowledge.
We now have an excellent understanding of how to structure NextMinute to its full potential to maximise the benefits for our clients.

Why did you decide to partner with NextMinute?

Living and working in New Zealand, we try and support local, which meant aligning with NextMinute has been a no-brainer.

Tell us about how your trade clients worked before NextMinute?

One specific client already had NextMinute loaded and had the best intentions to use it, but he needed some extra support to feel confident in the change.
He was still running some part of the job manually and with paper everywhere. We have been able to take all that away from him and set up online systems, streamlining his accounts, job sheets, invoices, quotes, and job management so that the stress of paper and doing things manually is off his hands and mind and into NextMinute.

Was there a particular problem NextMinute helped solve for you or your client?

The main thing that NextMinute has improved for our clients is the problem of time. Tradespeople never have enough time to get everything done that needs doing to build their business and personal relationships.

We offer this support alongside NextMinute.

Has NextMinute helped improve the working relationship with your client?

Yes, they see I speak their language and understand their business. My goal is to give them their time back, spend less time in administration and more time growing their business.


The communication is easier and less long winded, and we have been able to implement some amazing business development successes because NextMinute has taken care of all the processes in the background.

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