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NextMinute and CoConstruct are both built specifically for builders and construction trades. They are designed for managing the more complex projects common to builders, carpenters and construction trades.

CoConstruct features really suit the larger building companies with 30+ staff, whereas NextMinute is perfect for building businesses with 5 to 50 staff.

NextMinute is much more cost effective while providing the core features of CoConstruct and more. NextMinute’s job planning features stand out and the supplier invoice import integration makes back costing easy and effective.

CoConstruct has a good customer portal whereas NextMinute does not, yet. It's a top priority for our development team.

Designed for residential construction

Designed to cater for residential construction with 5-50 employees or sub-contractors

Tailored simple tools to get the job done

A simple set of tools to quickly and efficiently get the job quoted, planned, delivered and invoiced.

Built for the local market

Built for the local market, with local taxes and features.

Priced for any scale

Only pay for what you need. Scale up and down as your team does.

Supported locally

Supported by local specialists that know trade business like the back of their hand. Here for you when you need them, on your schedule.

Full integration with accounting systems

Sync timesheets to Xero payroll, upload expenses & invoices to Xero and import to your NextMinute invoice or quote. Seamless!

Designed for large construction companies

Designed to cater for companies with 30+ workers.

Rich set of features for large complex projects

Many features that can support large construction businesses complex needs.

Built for US environment

Built and for the US market with features and taxes.

Priced for large business

Minimum of $399 USD per month for the Essential plan with reduced features.

Supported in the US

Supported by US agents with Mon-Fri US timezone availability

Limited integration with accounting systems

Limited integration to Quickbooks and Xero

Feature Comparison


Comparing NextMinute 1 Admin and 5 Team users against the Buildxact 4 + 1 extra users


Easy to use mobile apps
Fully featured mobile app built for fat fingers

Google Play
Google Play

Job Management
All job information in one place, available anywhere – contacts, files, notes, photos etc

Job planning
Fully drag and drop gantt chart including multiple jobs

Easy to use timesheets with configurable rate cards

Payroll integration
Accounting system payroll integration and standard payroll extracts for other systems


Quick job invoicing for both fixed price and cost plus, integrated to accounting system

Supplier invoice integration
2 way supplier invoicing sync, match supplier invoices to jobs for accurate cost allocation


Detailed back costing
Job and stage level profitability analysis incorporating all material and labor costs

Full reporting suite including live WIP report, job profitability and timesheet analysis

Customer Portal
Customer facing portal incorporating progress updates, invoices, variations and customer interactions


Template driven job quoting and workflows

NextMinute is trusted by 500+ companies worldwide

With an average an average rating of 4.9/5 from customers, it's easy to see builders love NextMinute.

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