Find time for fishing.

Find time for fishing.

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On the go without any paperwork

Watch how Paul from Building Solutions runs his tradie business

Ain't no one got time for invoicing.

Ain't no one got time for invoicing.

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All the nuts and bolts.


Job Management...
a.k.a your Sunday night saver

Frantic job management? Nah, mate

With NextMinute all your job info is in one place 24/7,
accessible by the team on their phones and easy to track.  That's right fully mobile, you need to be able to check your day at a glance because you are always on the go!

Timesheets....a.k.a. the money maker

Track hours (and your money).
Capture time where ever, whenever. 
Know who is onsite with 'site check-in' and GPS Tracking.
No chasing, no checking, just done.

Accurate timesheets = accurate billing = more money. Sweet as

Quoting, Ordering and Invoicing...
a.k.a. the trifecta

Quoting, ordering and invoicing. It's the trifecta bet of any tradie business.
Use NextMinute to get them right and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

From the Office & On the Go...aka your mobile mate.

Keep track of staff, jobs, schedules and costs from the office or when you're onsite.

Keep you and the team up to date in real time.

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Johnnie Saunders – Director of NZ Proud Property Improvements

"I looked at a number of systems but went with NextMinute because of the integration with PlaceMakers' inventory system. NextMinute also lets me be transparent with my clients and I can replicate quotes for future jobs which is way quicker and easier."

Ain't no one got time for quoting.

Ain't no one got time for quoting.

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